Thursday, November 11, 2010

snippets of wednesday...

Yesterday, I was in Sydney for work - in the Commission and the AAT, a fun mix of State and Federal, haha

I am very impressed by the new Westfield Sydney! I can't remember the name of this little cafe I had breakfast in, but they made their own pastries and used Campos coffee - two ticks! The croissant and cappuccino were fantastic

Finished a long day, got on the train... and then the heavens opened! Torrential rain

But I was warm and cozy inside, with my giant coffee...

Whenever I go to Sydney, I have to go to the David Jones foodhall to stock up an essential in our household - whisk&pin muesli! V is addicted to the summer muesli. It has dried pineapple, strawberries and white mulberries in it - so, so yummy.

It was so muggy last night, we just wanted something fresh and simple for dinner - red salmon, avocado, radishes, baby carrots, a couple of boiled eggs and some sourdough bread did the trick.

Aaaaand finished up with something sweet - nectarine danishes, mmmmmm

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!


  1. Your day looks lovely :)
    I have also been having soft boiled eggs for dinner on nights where I haven't wanted much. I have mine with a side of cherry tomatoes, asparagus, pickled onions and cheese.

  2. That dinner looks delicious! Now I want to eat a hard boiled egg, yum!

  3. You have just made me so hungry!
    Ang xxx

  4. I love the look of your dinner :) Perfect muggy weather food - especially the boiled eggs!
    & I just love being all cozy inside with some sort of warm beverage when it is pouring rain outside!
    Heidi xo

  5. p.s. forgot to add - how cute are your shoes!!