Wednesday, November 17, 2010

some weekend snaps...

Apologies for the long absence! Got the laptop fixed, and had some issews with the wireless internet! All fixed now (thanks to V for calling the wireless internet people).

So anyways, here are some happy snaps from our weekend!

On Friday night, V and I headed down to the Summer food markets, at the beach

We had poffertjes, mmmmm...

So nommy!

We watched the sun set - so lovely

V had to work Saturday - and on Saturday night, we took my brother out for dinner at the beach, to celebrate his recent admission into Medicine at Sydney uni, yay!

The view of the ocean from our table...

We shared a seafood platter - seriously amazing! The scallops were the bomb

Twilight and the lighthouse...

On Sunday, V and I went for a wander around town and did some shopping (Country Road outlet store opened in the mall - dangerous! haha)

We stumbled across this adorable little cafe, called Owls...

We just wanted juice, but they had a pretty amazing range of food and drinks - will definitely have to come back next weekend!

Apple and watermelon juice - summery deliciousness in a cup!



  1. Looks like you had a great weekend :)
    Ang xxx

  2. You have inspired me to try apple and watermelon juice as soon as humanly possible.

  3. What a lovely weekend! Walking into CR is a dangerous proposition for me at the moment - so many lovely things!

  4. Ahh I love the weekends you and V have together! That is exactly how I want my married life to be! :) I have never tried poffertjes but have always wanted to! And because i have NO idea how to pronounce that word, in my head (and amongst people who wont think im insane) I call them 'porffitergers' hahaha. If you know the correct pronunciation please fill me in! x

  5. Your smile is wonderful.
    As Teacup Grunge says, you have the best weekends :)
    I was wondering - I am doing a guest blog thing for my blog's first birthday - feat my faves - and you're one of them, if you want to be involved, pls email me (itchy_81 at hotmail). I can send you the details.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog xx

  6. What a beautiful weekend!! Congrats to your brother on getting into medicine, the golden rule: don't piss off the nurses. HA! Seriously though that's a fantastic achievement.

  7. Poffertjes!! Possibly the best food ever :) Congratulations to your brother! A great weekend.
    Heidi xo

  8. What a fun weekend! Seafood platter looks too good yummyy

  9. love your top in the 3rd photo - where is it from?

  10. Oh my, what restaurant did you go to? My mouth is watering looking at that seafood platter!