Friday, November 19, 2010

sunshine, fun times...

Today is such an insanely gorgeous Saturday here in my little corner of NSW - sunny and warm, with a hint of a fresh breeze, and flowers blossoming in everyone's front garden. Paradise!

V and I couldn't stay inside, and so we put on our walking shoes and headed into town for breakfast...

We breakfasted at lee&me - two giant cappuccinos, and an earl grey lemon iced tea...

So refreshing and delicious! I have to try making this myself this summer

Poached eggs on sourdough for me...

And a big breakfast for V - hey, he is working 12 hour days doing heavy physical labour, the boy is entitled to the occasional fry-up!

We have a black tie event next Friday, a charity ball we are attending with my parents, so V and I went and hired a tux for him to wear - he looked SO sexy (possibly I am biased haha). Cannot wait to share some photos next week!

I picked up this cute little piece from the Country Road outlet store that's just opened up in town - and yes, before all you sharp-eyed fashionistas bust me, it is in fact a night-dress! I tried it on, and V loved it, and I loved it, and it looks perfectly sweet as a dress - and for $20, an absolute bargain! So here's hoping it looks more summery cotton dress than nightie haha

Country Road dress (ahem, night-dress)
Country Road cardigan
Tony Bianco ballet flats
Diva necklace
Cotton On sunglasses

Happy Saturday all!


  1. Hello :) Just firstly wanted to say i think your blog is great! And I agree, here the weather has turned out lovely too. Great day to be out and about! x

  2. The dress is gorgeous and perfect for summer! :)

  3. I love your dress. It was a nice sunny day here too. You're looking lovely and I can't wait for the pics from next week's function :)

  4. Very cute. Jealous of the sunny weather - it's cloudy and windy here. WHERE is our QLD Spring weather?!

  5. Such a great day, what beautiful sunshine! I just love the sound of the earl grey lemon iced tea.
    Heidi xo

  6. Love the outfit!
    I bought a CR playsuit from their sleepwear department last year but I wear it out and you couldn't tell the difference.