Thursday, December 23, 2010


My last day of work for the year - yay! From today, I am a free woman for two glorious whole weeks! Bliss.

The celebratory theme continues with some pics of our work Christmas lunch today...

We dined at Lorenzo's Diner - without a doubt one of the best restaurants on the South Coast

Cannot recommend this place highly enough if you're ever in the area!

Chef's choice is the only way to go - I have literally never ordered from the menu at Lorenzo's

Some starters...

The bruschetta was nommy

Salmon gravlax, sooooo good!

Iberico jamon salad with parmesan, rocket and white truffle oil

Ocean trout with mayonnaise and beans

Hope you are all having lovely weeks! Two sleeps to go!


  1. YUM! Is this restaurant anywhere near Coalcliff? This is where we are heading for a family holiday. SIL is getting married there on NYE!

    If not we might have to go for a drive, i've never been tho the South Coast before!! :D

    Merry Christmas Eve Xx

  2. Yum! What a lovely work lunch. I would love ocean trout with mayonnaise and beans for my lunch today, please! This time of year is so lovely. Have a fabulous 2 weeks off and a very Merry Christmas to you, V and your family :)
    Heidi xo