Tuesday, December 21, 2010

cookies, a confession and a celebration...

We have some extremely exciting news in the KittyCate household today! V interviewed for a new job position on Monday, and today he got the call offering him the job - yay! He will be working as a telecommunications rigger (very specialised) and in our local area. Better still, the company have hired him to move in a Supervisor's role in 12 months' time, based on his previous managerial experience in labs.

Needless to say, we are both thrilled/ecstatic/over the moon! And V arrived home with a bottle of bubbles last night to celebrate...

This is a very respectable drop! Yummy

Congratulations V! I am so, so proud of you

In other news, yesterday I decided I was going to get stuck into some Christmas baking - I had these Martha Stewart sugar cookies in mind...

I have a confession to make - this amazingly gorgeous pistachio-coloured KitchenAid has been sitting on my kitchen bench, totally unused, since September 2008. I have been too intimidated to even try it! Well I used it to make my cookies last night, and seriously people, I do not know how I ever baked without this baby!

Cutting out star shapes - I wanted snowflakes but couldn't find a snowflake cookie cutter

Sprinkled with some raw sugar...

Voila! Nommy

How is everyone enjoying their last week of work before Christmas? So excited for the holidays!


  1. Yay!! Well done V! And you too - I want to try those cookies... I wonder if one day computers will be so interactive that I could just reach through the screen and help myself?

  2. Congratulations to V, and the bubbles and cookies look yummy indeed!

  3. Congratulations to V! You two must be so happy :)

    Those cookies look so yummy!


    Your cookies look amazing.

    Today was my last day at work, and my colleagues and I had a 'grazing day' where we each brought in food to share.

    We had home made apricot cheesecake, brownies, dips, cookies, pannetone, sponge cake and cheese. I made brie and asparagus tart and custard berry pie. It was SO DELICIOUS!!! Best fun ever.

  5. Well done V! And ... so much better than commuting to Sydney - think of how many more sleep-ins or breakfasts out you will be able to have together.

    What a wonderful Christmas present.


  6. What fabulous news!!! When is the first day?

    Such yummy cookies! Can't wait to start my baking ;-)

  7. Oh congrats to V! Thats awesome news, especially right before the holidays, yay! Those cookies look super tasty. I've got a mixer as well and I have used it once! For some reason I find it so much easier to just use the hand held mixer :S haha. x

  8. Congratulations to V and you too, that is fabulous!! Champagne is the perfect way to celebrate :)
    Your KitchenAid is divine - I haven't seen the pistachio coloured one before. Just beautiful! Good to be using it now, those sugar cookies look nommy indeed :)
    I'm so excited for the weekend too! Merry Christmas :)
    Heidi xo