Monday, December 20, 2010

the christmas fun continues...

I took a nice big haul of pressies into work this morning for my colleagues - loves me some Christmas shopping and gifting!

And my lovely EA had bought me this gorgeous Christmas gift - love it so much, thanks B!

I had a nice chillax work break with my mum this morning, and grabbed a nommy homemade lemonade...

And in other Christmas news, V and I went for a drive with my family to look at the Christmas lights in our area - I know, I know, its uber-naff, but I love it! We do it every year and its one of those little Christmas traditions I really look forward to

The lights on display in one suburb were amaaaazing! Fun times


  1. Christmas lights are awesome fun! That sort of simple enjoyment is good for the soul.

  2. I love Christmas lights but unfortunately our suburb seems to have put the kybosh on them. When we drove around at the weekend less than half the people that did them last year have done them this year. So sad :(

  3. Hey there lovely, thanks so much for the Christmas wishes!!! Hope you and V both have the most wonderful blessed Christmas (and NY!)I love this time of year!!! Ahh, love Christmas lights too! Years ago, O'Demper St in Cordeaux Heights was crazy lit up. All the lawns were strewn with lights; whole houses were wrapped in lights! It was AMAZING!! Almost all the houses participated - and most of the houses are pretty big too. I can only imagine the huge amount of time, effort and dollars that they spent on it! Then one year...they all stopped...together! :( Sad, but I definitely miss it all!! Haven't seen anything like it since!

    There's also a little tree (really little, like 1m) which has randomly grown in the middle of Cordeaux road. Someone's decorated it with tinsel, baubles and a star! A kind of impromptu Christmas tree - very very cute :D.

  4. Ohhh I love driving around looking at Christmas lights! My area isn't too big on them (too many apartment buildings), but where I used to live they were amazing! Must try and get back there to do it again this year.

    What a gorgeous present from your colleague too, very spoilt!

  5. Oh that's such a sweet present from your EA, and loving the lights - I wish that people went all out where I live!