Monday, January 31, 2011

monday snaps...

Today, V left at 5am to drive nearly 8 hours West of Sydney, to Coonamble, where he will be working for the next 6 days. And I am left all aloooooone...

Blogging is a great distraction!

More decorative fresh fruit...

V and I spent most of the day in the water, at the beach yesterday - guess which part of my anatomy I forgot to put sunscreen on? Major oops

I am such a walking cliche - magazines and chocolate. The perfect antidote to an evening spent in at home, all alone

Currently watching "Operation Kill" on ABC2 - fucking brilliant


  1. You poor thing! I burn at the drop of a hat, so definitely sympathise.

  2. Don't you love Lindt and magazines!!! I love Lindt, magazines and Foxtel haahahaha the BEST. Enjoy your alone time. xo

  3. Poor C! Hopefully the next 6 days go very quickly :) I love cuddling up with choc, mags and strawberries!

  4. Ouchie!! Lots of aloe vera for you missy! Hope the six days pass very quickly!

  5. Ouch, your poor legs! Hope the next 6 days go quickly for you xx