Saturday, January 29, 2011

you're blushing, my dear...

Another gloriously sunny Saturday! Hooray for sleeping in, snuggly cats, and reading the papers in bed

Look who turned up at home yesterday evening! There was an on-site stuff up with the Canberra job, the upshot of which was that V and his team were sent home 2 days early. Sucks that they had to drive all the way down there and come back so soon, but I was sooooo happy to have him home for the weekend

In the spirit of originality, we ventured out to lee&me cafe for brunch...

Campos coffee, bestest in the world!

Further celebrating all things unique and original, V breakfasted on the roll

Poached eggs on turkish toast for me

Blush pink is one of my favourite colours of all time - it makes me think of ballerinas, and fairy floss, and all that is good and right in the world...

Teamed with dove grey, and I'm in sartorial heaven...

I am officially in LOVE with this Forever New skirt! I literally felt like some sort of Arabian princess, with its soft silkiness swishing around my ankles

Forever New maxi skirt
Sass&Bide pocketful of dreams tee
Cotton On sunglasses
Assorted bangles from Diva
Tony Bianco gladiator sandals
Jag leather satchel

Happy Saturday to all! Hope you are having lovely weekends!


  1. Pretty skirt - love the colour! I just bought a similar dark grey one from CR, but I might have to hunt this one down too!

  2. Hi =)

    Love the skirt..wondering is it still in stores and how much is it?

    Thanks muchly!

  3. Hi lovelies!
    The skirt is still in store, $79.95 - but I'd recommend being quick, my local Forever New only had a handful left and no size 6's left! Grrrr. I had to buy a size 8 which is quite big on me, but I love it enough that I snapped it up anyways xx

  4. Dear Florence

    Nice skirt.

    Pls action a post about your hair and how you get the colour just so.

    Thank you in advance,

    K x

  5. I love blush pink on you!

    I am a sucker for grey too.

    You dress so lovely.

  6. Gorgeous! I love this blush skirt, bit scared that my 5'4" frame would look a little silly in it though :( I wish I could go to lee&me, the breakfast cafes in my area are seriously lacking! Happy weekend lovely x

  7. Ooooh I love! May I ask how tall you are? I really like maxis on other people but I don't know if I can make it happen... 5'2" ahh. Dove grey and blush pink together do look gorgeous, I'd actually not thought of putting them together before!

  8. Hi K, I will most definitely action a hair-colour post asap!

    Wikigirl and Nicolala, I am 5'7" an a bit (167cm to be precise hehe) This one is very long on me because its a size too large, and so it sits quite low on my hips. I think it would be possible to take it up though, My gorgeous sister is barely 5ft and she looks amazing in maxi-type arrangements :)

  9. Waaah thats a beautiful skirt! And such a lovely blush colour!!!
    Hannah x

  10. Wow love the skirt!! I think I would be twirling around non stop in it!

  11. It's such an amazing skirt isn't it?! I just want to wear mine all the time! You look lovely in it, and it looks lovely with the dove grey.

  12. Lovely skirt. I had a blush Saturday too, great minds ;)

  13. Ahhh I just adore this skirt! I knew you would style it beautifully! It looks amazing with the grey tee. Perfection <3

  14. The skirt is sooooo pretty and it looks amazing on you. I could not pull something off like that!

    How amazing is that feeling to wearing something so gorgeous!



  15. That skirt is so lovely! You pull of blush pinks and greys so well x

  16. Gorgeous gorgeous skirt! I have a few long skirts made out of sari material and I love swooshing in them :)

  17. the food looks so good!
    haha I'd recognise that skirt any day! I work at Forever New, and that skirt is our best seller. It's sold out in 6s 8s and 10s practically everywhere haha.
    you look amazing xx

  18. The skirt is so nice! Does it come in a black?

  19. Love the skirt! I just got a job at Forever New and can't wait to start :D

  20. I've seen this skirt in Forever New! I couldn't pull it off though because I'm rather on the short side and my mother would have screamed 'IMPRACTICAL!!"... Anyway, it's such a great colour on you; so, great buy!