Tuesday, January 18, 2011

stylish blogger award...

Well I am feeling especially super-stylish today - I have been nominated for a Stylish Blogger Award by not one, but two of my lovely fellow bloggers! Thankyou so much to Miss Kitty-Cat and E, I feel very special!

Okies, so the rules dictate that I first must share with you 7 interesting things about myself - are you ready? Here we go!

1. Despite many years of ballet and gymnastics when I was a child, I am incapable of getting through the day without walking into something, tripping over my own feet, or just plain falling flat on my face. Whilst wearing flat shoes. Stone cold sober. Its a talent

2. I collect wine and champagne corks, on which I write the date and whatever occasion we were drinking to at the time. I acquired this strange hobby from a friend of my father's - its a kind of fun way to commemorate and remember special events. Especially helpful when you need a little help remembering the morning after...

3. My feet brush together when I walk (yes, I am a freak) - for this reason, I cannot buy expensive shoes, I just ruin them. My money is reserved for clothing and handbags

4. I hate coriander. The mere smell of it is enough to make me gag. My long-suffering friends and family have taken to cooking meals with coriander on the side

5. I have a chronic fear of needles, and spiders - a quick google search informed me that this would be referred to as belonephobia, and arachnophobia, respectively. The latter I can deal with - the former is a source of constant concern

6. I was a Goth from the age of 17 to 20. I also thought Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor were the sexiest men alive. Not much has changed I guess...

7. I can fit my entire fist in my mouth - great party trick, but I recently saw someone do this and get stuck, so I'm now too scared!

Aaaaand that's all, folks! Now I need to nominate 15 bloggers whom I love and have recently discovered (except my list includes some I have been a fan of for aaaages):

merowyn at sushi + vogue
nicolala at only okay
lucy at 99strokes
yummy mummy brooke at re:new vintage
mrs mcawesome of the awesome mcawesomes
the lovely hollypop



  1. I hate coriander too! Can not for the life of me imagine you as a goth though.

    I'm also petrified of needles, so much so that I've been putting off my tooth filling app. because I'm scared of the needle (and the drilling noise).

  2. awww - thanks so much lovely! Will try to come up with my 7 things and pick my top 15 bloggers...but it might have to wait until we move on Friday.

  3. You can fit your fist in your mouth!! W O A H!!! That really is a pretty cool party trick! Thank you for the award lady!!! HA! You put my full name there!!! I love it hahahaha I was so SCARED about putting my full name on my blog for some reason. I get the weirdest complexes.

  4. That is so sweet - thank you!
    I can relate when it comes to needles and spiders - mind you I'm quite a wuss when it comes to all creepy crawlies - there is a particularly embarrassing story that gets told regularly by my father in law, which involves a trip to the nursery at Bunnings, a lurking water dragon and a loud scream heard from miles away ;-)

  5. Ooooo, I'm so excited that you nominated me! Thank you. Funny that you call me a yummy mummy, my brain still hasn't come to terms with matching that term to me!

    And I do love that you hate coriander; I'm constantly met with disbelief when I turn my nose up at the mere thought!!!


  6. RE Number 3, you should take up tango! It is a vital component that I just never seem to get. You would imagine that Number 1 would rule out dance but I'm the same, covered in random bruises from falling over/walking into things and yet I can dance.

    Loved the list, it is great.

  7. I've nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award!


  8. Hehe, it's like a chain letter! Thanks for nominating me. My Internet is down at the moment and I'm posting this from my phone. Hopefully it gets better soon and I can respond via my blog. Hope I can think of 15 blogs, we read many of the same ones!

  9. So similar! I too have a major fear of needles. I still take my Mum whenever I have to get one. Though I avoid them at all costs much to my detriment.

    And I can fit my fist in my mouth. Makes for interesting pub trips when random strangers find out.

  10. You may have to fight me for Trent Reznor and/or Marilyn Manson. Go ex-teenage-goths! :D