Friday, March 18, 2011

finally friday...

I was in Sydney for work today - hello, early start and train rides galore!

This is what it looked like at the train station at 6:30am - dark!

Wheely bag = ballet flats!

I always run really early when I travel to the CBD (can't rely on CityRail!) so I had time to grab something to eat. Given the early start, I felt I deserved a treat for breakfast - a croissant at the Lindt cafe fit the bill perfectly

Ohhhhh the caffeinated goodness of a Lindt cafe cappuccino - topped with Lindt chocolate flakes *drool*

Did my thang in Court, rushed back to the office and had some urgent work to get done - which involved copying literally reams and reams of paper. Law is not the most environmentally-friendly of the professions unfortunately!

Say hello to my leetle friend - okay, so he's not so little. He's big and ugly and likes to break down frequently. Lets just say our work relationship this afternoon was fraught with meltdowns and tantrums (and not from me!)

Since my last meal was my early-morning Lindt cafe croissant, I nommed on some bikkies and an instant as I worked - oh, the humanity

When I finally got home from work tonight, V had beat me there, and found this adorable little sweetie in the garden...

Hello, baby bluetongue!
"O hai! I be a very, very scary monster!"

"Raaaaaaawwwrrr! Monster, I tells you!"
Seriously, the cuteness, I die

While I was in Sydney today, I decided I reeeeeally needed to get my a into g and buy myself a 2011 diary (I know, its March already!) I grabbed a lovely petrol-blue organiser from kikki_k, half-price, bonus!

I think Jade has hit the wall... batteries clearly need a recharge! I can empathise

Happy Friday! Hope you all have lovely, relaxing weekends planned!


  1. I love the "did my thang in court, and rushed back...' hehe :) My dream is to hopefully study law after my arts degree and hopefully maybe become a lawyer so you are a real inspiration to me :) Also that cappuccino looks sooooo good, major cravings right now!

  2. Love the organizer!!

    Breakfast looks delicious, you always have amazing breakfasts!

  3. I love photos of Jade, she is so sweet. I can't beleive how adorable baby blue tongues are.

  4. That baby blue tongue is the cutest! J and I found one in the garden at his old place and tried to feed him grapes hahaha. Brekky looks so so so good. I've only been to the lindt cafe once, I always forget about it when Im in Sydney!

  5. That blue tongue is cute!!! Makes me miss the one I had in my backyard when I was 19. I used to sit out in the sun with him/her every morning, and share my banana with it. They are even cuter eating banana!!!

  6. Ooo such cuteness with his little blue tongue :) The croissant looks delicious, it has been so long since I have had one. I must amend this. & I totally find that leaving your diary purchasing well into the new year is good - you get them so cheap that way! hehe - clearly justifying being disorganised :)
    Heidi xo

  7. Aww cute lizard! We had one in our garden and unfortunately my puppy found it and literally scared it to death :(

    Love the flats!