Saturday, June 4, 2011

the night before, and the morning after...

So Saturday was a special double-birthday celebration for my sister and Mum - and as today (Sunday) is my brother's birthday, we celebrated last night with a big party for all 3 of them! A group family and close friends converged on my parents' house at around 6pm, everyone bringing a plate for dinner (pot luck!), and the fun began from there...

Presents! I lurve giving birthday presents. These were well-received by all (phew!)

Birthdays needs must be celebrated with French bubbles - is it wrong that I lost count of how many glasses I had, but I believe I may have consumed the lion's share?

A special Whitestone cheese platter - think I've raved about this cheese before, its from Omaru in NZ and people, its amaaaazing! Check it out in your local Woolies!

Seafood extravaganza!

Lets just take a moment to appreciate the crayfish goodness - are you dying yet? Seriously, SO good!

Many, many nommy desserts and a Very Fancy Cheese. I should add, several other main courses were also served but somehow escaped my camera-notice, dammit!

At this point my camera was left on a table somewhere, and not found again until shortly before 12am when V and I finally grabbed out things and headed home...

Having arrived home after midnight, V and I were exhausted this morning, and required coffee, stat! In giant mugs, naturally

'Twas chilly today! A really wintery day, sunny and bright but still sharply cold. I actually kind of loving dressing for this type of weather

This was right after I managed to spike myself in the head with one of those big succulent plants outside our house - I believe my concern was more for my 'do than my head

Marcs dress
Country Road cardigan
Diana Ferrari ballet flats
Fuzzy Designs mirror brooch
Cotton On sunglasses
Jag satchel with Oroton silk scarf

Happy Sunday to all in Blogland! Hope the weekend was kind to you. Looking forward to an especially loooong weekend this time next week!


  1. That food looks delish! I love the wrapping you used for the presents too. Wrapping presents is so fun. and that dress is great on you! x

  2. Oooh who was the lucy one to get two gifts?

    I adore the brooch!

  3. You look adorable! Sounds like an awesome party! xx

  4. Best cheese ever. Loving the brooch xx

  5. That crayfish looks amazing!!!!

  6. That food looks A M A Z I N G

    Love that striped dress, you look so french chic!!!


  7. wow what are the chances of them all having bdays around the same time! jesus lol. God.. you've made me hungry at the sight of all that food... mmm :)

  8. i've got a bottle of rose veuve in the fridge that begs opening.
    maybe this weekend..

  9. What a gorgeous celebration it looks like you enjoyed. I love a birthday celebration. We celebrated my grandfather's 100th last week. he isn't with us any longer, but we see no reason for that to stop us partying! Chandon and his favourite birthday cake were enjoyed by all, I'm sure he would have approved.

  10. Oooh, love me a dinner party, and this one looks divine. Cheeeeese/champagne heaven! I love your blunt fringe teamed with the enormous shades - tres chic. Have a lovely week! X

  11. Oh my gosh! Look at that food! Droooool!!

    Love your pony brooch so much. I remember admiring it before..If one wanted to buy it somewhere where might one find it? (or is it a one off?) <3

  12. well,i love your looks..sweet :)

    and that cryfish..hmm..looks yummy!!
    send me one..hahaha..

    check out my blog if you don't mind

    hug and kisses,

  13. You have probably seen this

    very cute

  14. OMG Woolies have Whitestone cheese In Aus?? YAY I buy it every week from Dunedin Farmers Market! I thought I was going to go with out when I move back to Sydney next year! you have made my day!