Thursday, September 8, 2011

sunshine and frosty in bowral...

Another relaxing day for me - my Mum and I spent the day in Bowral.

I kicked off the day with a 6:15am ashtanga yoga class - crazy, no?

Pre-yoga snack...

Post-yoga brekky! :)

Coffee and the crossword - perfect start to the day

Then Mum and I headed off to Bowral, for a day of shopping and lunching

Much-needed cappuccinos for us both

Comfortable boots for lots of walking!

We had lunch at the superlative Elephant Boy - their brewed soy milk chai is nommy!

The new yorker - corned beef on rye with cheddar, pickles, onions and mustard, ohhhh so good!

Jade was helping me blog and suffered a nap-attack



  1. Ooh, I hope there are nice places to go in Bowral. My birthday gift from the Boy is the Icehouse/Hall and Oates concert, so we are staying there for a few days:)

  2. Ohhhhh JADE IS SO CUTE!!! Naw. I love Mum hangs. X

  3. Oh lovely!! I'm in love with fresh blueberries at the moment, there's nothing better! And Elephant Boy, great choice ;) I bet that soy chai was divine!! yummo xox

  4. How cute is the kitty ! He looks like my old one :( xx

  5. Gorgeous photos lady!!!

    Love the look of those googy eggs, they are the ULTIMATE comfort food.


  6. I can't tell you how many times I've driven between Canberra and Sydney yet I'm still to visit Bowral, I must remedy that.

    Your kitty is truly gorgeous!

  7. That sandwich looks incredible. I want it. Now. What a lovely week off you're having :)
    Heidi xo

  8. Yes, let's just say going to a 6.15am class on a day off shows sheer dedication! Good on you!
    That sandwich looks amaaazing!