Monday, September 12, 2011

snapshots of monday...

After an entire week off work, today was tough getting out of bed and getting my butt into work-mode again!

Snuggled with the kittehs on the couch this morning before brekky - perfect start to the day! (moments after this photo was taken, Jade cracked the shits and bit Jasper reeeeally hard. Cue much yowling and madly running around the living room - *sigh* siblings)

My brekky - yummy organic quinoa puff muesli with cinnamon and dried apple. I topped it with some chopped strawberries and natural greek yoghurt, nommy!

Hehe how cute is this celeriac guy? I think it looks like he has a little face - kind of like a creature from Spirited Away or something nawwwww

Wine and cheese makes everything better

Happy Monday all!


  1. ahhhh your cheese knife has a ducky on it!!? that is soooo cute!

    What a gorgeous photo of your kitties!!

  2. An the pain of returning to work! Your first Monday looks lovely though x

  3. Oh quinoa puff museli? That sounds awesome.

    Aren't the strawberries great at the moment. I'm going to make strawberry mousse for dessert for the family this week.

    And I agree, wine and cheese does make everything better.

  4. Your kittehs are beautiful. Mine do that too - I get so excited when I see them snuggling, but it almost always ends in tears!

  5. I LOVE Spirited Away, in fact any Miyazaki film is the bomb in my books.


  6. Your cats look soooooo happy and loving together! Couldn't imagine that a few secs later they would be fighting lol.

  7. Hi Kittycate,

    Was wondering where you brought the quinoa puff muesli from?


  8. Mr celeriac is super cute :) It must have been h.a.r.d. going back to work on Monday! Yay for Friday tomorrow. Happy weekend, lovely.
    Heidi xo

  9. Just arrived back from the US and your blog was one of the first things I went to when I jumped on my computer! Love love your food posts, they would have killed me in the US-I felt like I had to hunt down vegetables there, I was miserable.

    The cheese platter looks so yummy, I really want to pick up a few now.