Saturday, October 29, 2011

saturday musings...

As both our respective husbands were working this weekend, my lovely sister R and I headed out for lunch today at lee&me, before trotting over to an apartment inspection (cross your fingers for R and her husband that they get it!)

Chocolate milkshake for R, iced tea for me!

Pressed meatball sandwich - beef and olive meatballs in a roast tomato sauce with swiss cheese, rocket and paprika aioli

Rolled flatbread wrap - walnut crusted chicken with tabouli, baby spinach and minted cucumber yoghurt. Nom!

R and I then whiled away a couple of hours visiting a friend who had her baby last week. While we were in the florist picking up some flowers for the new mum, I succumbed to temptation and grabbed this gorgeous bunch for myself (only $30, people!) Nothing is quite so luxurious or cheering as a big bunch of fresh flowers in the house

I am currently chillaxing on the couch with my two furbabies - I may or may not be watching Lord of the Rings on tv (despite owning the DVD box set and having watched it a bazillion times hehe)

Jasper gives you all his best cheesy grin!

Hope the weekend is being good to you all


  1. Wow those flowers are colourful! loving all your cat photos...awww :) x

  2. Beautiful flowers and the cats DO look happy!!

    Fingers crossed for your sister!!


  3. What a nice weekend with your sister. Gorgeous roses. My rose bushes are just starting to come into flower, in about a week I think I will be able to fill the house with flowers.

  4. That food looks sooooooooooo yuuuuuum!