Thursday, October 27, 2011

texts from my mum in spain...

"Buenas noches! Having a great time in Spain. I want to come and live in Europe. They are so civilised compared to us. It is 10pm and the street cafes are buzzing. People just starting their dinner. The little cobbled lanes are so close that the noise echoes all around. Dogs barking, voices, laughter and arguments. In the rooms across the alley you can see bedrooms and offices. We saw a thief take some dresses off a rack and walk away. Noticed by a local he was chased and had the booty taken from him. Ma x"

"We have just ordered lunch at a little restaurant by the Alhambra under a bower of grape vines. Ma x PS don't take your love to the town."

"Much cooler here, in fact there is snow on the mountains behind. We are waiting for a bus to go to the Alhambra castle. Everyone is wearing winter woollens but me! Saw football (the real one) in a restaurant last night. Locals lost to Barcelona. Hey it worked, the bus finally came! Ma x"

"How come you're not replying to me! Biarch"

LOL so I text her back (its 11:30pm)

"Ok. Now go to sleep. Ma x"

I loves my Mumma. Also, so totally jealous and want to go to Spaaaaain!


  1. Haha your mum is hilarious :). Brought a smile to my face.

  2. ohhhh that made me about a million times more excited about going to Madrid in December! (sorry!)


  3. My goodness I want to go to now. Those texts are making me jealous LOL!

  4. Those are exactly the sort of texts that my Mum would send! Love it.

  5. biarch... hahahahaha. cool mum!

  6. This made me laugh so hard... especially in light of having received the first international text EVER send my my own mother yesterday. In response to the news that I was attacked by the neighbour's dog at my new home in Australia, my mother managed this: "bad luck. talk sunday."

    It's as though she things texts use the same technology as telegrams and for the sake of the lady tapping out morse code at the other end brevity is the key to good manners... and messages should only be sent in case of emergency!

    It's SUCH a pleasure to visit you blog!

    your new follower,

    Catherine @ The Spring

  7. haha awe, how sweet :) Your mum is great. She's so right, I miss Spain. Damn...need to move to Europe.
    Heidi xo