Monday, October 31, 2011


Yesterday, I embraced the usual ritual V and I indulge in every Sunday morning - breakfast and multiple pots of coffee over the Sunday papers. Whilst V is still up north for work, I am sure he was with me in spirit!

Natural home-made muesli (courtesy of my mum!), with greek yoghurt and strawberries

Sunday was H-O-T! I kept it cool with a t-shirt dress and bare legs...

Lover dress
Sportsgirl belt
Cat Hammill stacked bracelets
Diana Ferrari ballet flats

Aaaand then the sky turned this colour and the heavens opened!

Cooked the bestest dinner last night! Poached chicken breast with garlic yoghurt sauce, asparagus and a quinoa and vegetable salad. Nom!

Today, I volunteered to organise our office sweep for the Melbourne Cup - fun fun!

Despite the heat, Jade is giving me very determined snuggles right now (tried to gently remove her but she cried)

I had better get some damn trick-or-treaters tonight, or I am going to make myself soooooo sick on Halloween choccies! :)

What do you all have planned for the Melbourne Cup tomorrow? Are you going to watch the race?



  1. MMMMM - you always post pics of the yummiest food! I am off to the races tomorrow with another voguette for a picnic lunch and watching the horses. Hopefully we don't get rained on :)

  2. wish it was hot here too. sooo sick of winter :(


  3. I'm sitting at work with a fascinator on!

    I had no trick or treaters, I'm going to ration the chocolate for myself.

  4. Hi KittyKate! Just discovered your blog via Vogue forums. Love how you capture life in your little photos! LOVED the pop of yellow in the belt in your outfit - very clever and fun!
    Would love you to share your inspiring outfit photos at our new site/App . We are always keen to see fun fashion photos and to spread the word about bloggers!
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  5. the food looks delicious !!!!
    i love your blog !
    follow me ill follow you back ..

  6. Hello Ms KittyCate,

    I was wondering if you would share where you're doing you ballet classes, and if you are happy with them? I've looked into a few different places in town, but few have adult beginner classes available...I studied ballet as a kid but think I would need to start all over again as a less-than-flexible adult!

    I can understand if for privacy reasons you are hesitant to let won't hold that against you!

    Ta, cake. (from vogue)