Saturday, November 5, 2011

kim who?

Last Thursday, I had to travel up to Sydney for a conciliation. I alighted at Town Hall station, grabbed a coffee, and decided to walk through the Elizabeth Street David Jones store, as it is the quickest route. I also intended to veer past the Kiehls counter for some much-needed skincare supplies - sadly, you know what they say about the best-laid plans.

I approached the escalator and saw that it was blocked off, and a security guard was standing in front of it. I assumed that there must be some issue with the escalator, and asked the security guard how I was supposed to get upstairs (hoping to goodness she wasn't going to direct me to the stairs, as I was hefting a heavily-laden wheely bag). The security guard gave me a slightly puzzled look, and called over a sales assistant to assist me. The following conversation took place...

Me: "How do I get upstairs?"
Supremely Excited Sales Assistant: *talking super fast* "You can't, its all blocked off for the Kardashian book-signing!"
Me: (hearing something about cashew nuts) "Is it a cookbook?"
Sales Assistant: "No, no the Kardashian sisters!"
Me: "Ummm..."
Sales Assistant: "You know, Kim Kardashian! They own a fashion store! They were friends with Paris Hilton!"
Me: "Ok I'm sorry, my brain just switched off. Can I get up to the Kiehls counter at any stage today?"
Sales Assistant: *slightly manic gleam in her eyes* "If you head up to the Elizabeth Street entrance, you can queue up for an autograph!"
Me: *backing away slowly* "Uhhhh that's fine, I think I'll come back later."

Damn Kashew-nut sisters made me walk all the way around the store and back out the other side of the mall, and nearly miss out on a much-needed Kiehls pit-stop. Thankfully, they had well and truly buggered off by the time I was headed home that afternoon, so I was able to stock up on Ultrafacial cleanser and SPF lotion. And I suppose that I did learn something new - to every cloud, a silver lining.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends!


  1. hahaha this is hilarious!! I don't understand the hype about them at all! Glad you managed to get your lovely products :) x

  2. Wish there was a "like" button (like Facebook)
    Love this story!

  3. This made me smile so so much :-)

  4. Hahaha that's hilarious!! This story is great!!
    I was walking around Castlereagh Street that day to deliver court documents and there were heaps of fire engines and heaps of excited looking people.

    I mentioned it to my sister a few days later and she said that was the same day KK was there. I couldn't care less, but were the fire engines there for her too? How bizarre.

  5. Ha ha!! Never saw the link between nuts and the Kardashians but totally see it now! I admit to being a fan but would be miffed if I couldn't get to the Kiehls counter because of them...

    K xx

  6. You CRACK ME UP! I love you <3

  7. So funny, because I remember years ago I was in the same DJ's coming down the escalators and saw a huge commotion, because Paris Hilton was in the store with a barely known Kim Kardashian along side her. Hopefully Kim K fades into oblivion just like Paris!

  8. Hahahaha, I too didn't know about the Kardashians until fairly recently. I even had to Wikipedia them. Hahaha.

    I LOVE how you asked "is it a cookbook?" hahahahaha!


  9. pahahahaha Classic! I'm sitting in a waiting room reading this and probably look like an idiot laughing to myself!!
    Thanks for sharing. :)


  10. Reminds me of my cousin (who was in a doco about learning about football) being told he was going to interview David Beckham. He replied, "So who is David Beck-man". The producers were stunned - actually so were we all.

    I also had to try to explain to my Mum who the Kardashians were the other day, famous for being famous really is the answer. I wonder if they are satisfied with their fame?

  11. Michaela - I saw the fire engines too, I was mystified. Is she so "hot" they scared she's going to spontaneously combust or something? :D

    Gillian - gosh yes, lets hope that, in a couple of years' time, she has faded into oblivion like Paris

    inmypocket - Hehe I felt a bit dense when I said that, but I actually thought she was talking about a cookbook

    Lisa - that is a good description of them! Famous for being famous


  12. Thanks for making me laugh!! :)

  13. Lol this post was hilarious!!! I didn't even know they were in town!!

  14. There were people supposedly waiting like midnight the day before... that SA is funny though...i don't think there was a book signing? From what i know, for their Westfield Miranda appearance you had to have purchased one of their handbags and be the first 200 in line to get an autograph. I assume DJ's would of had something similiar.

    Glad you got your stuff. They were prob at Miranda by that time :)

  15. Hahahahahaaha hilarious!!!!
    Glad you managed to get your products though :))