Friday, December 2, 2011

bookended by lee&me...

Friday morning kicked off with coffee and an apple-cinnamon muffin from lee&me...

Aaaand there was lots of workworkwork in between then and the Christmas drinks on Friday evening...

I love this Leona Edmiston pleated dress, its so summery and bright!

Drinks were held at Diggies on North Beach - pity about the ugly ongoing construction, but still a gorgeous location, amazing sunset views too!


OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry on nails

All in all, a fantastic evening was had by all, and V and I didn't stumble into bed until well after midnight (I was well on the way to becoming a pumpkin)

This morning, V and I decided that a serious breakfast was in order (with some serious coffee on the side) - we grabbed my brother and headed back down to lee&me, aka my second home

Serious coffee. The first of several

V and my brother had the brekky sandwich with a fried egg

Vanilla bean hotcakes with rhubarb compote, maple syrup and praline shards - the nomness!

Eeeeee, V and I bought art! This amazing charcoal sketch was the last one available in a series on show in lee&me, and we instantly loved it. The fact that it features a cat seemed like kismet. Sold! Cannot wait to take it home once the exhibition is over

Hope the weekend is being kind to you all!


  1. The muffin seriously looks incredible! Seriously can't wait to get my baking on tomorrow :) x

  2. Love that dress :) I am looking for the perfect yellow dress and that may be the one. May have to ebay..

  3. Loving the dress! Looks so good on you, would probably make me look like a sack of potatoes. The colour is gorgeous.

  4. Mmmm your hotcakes are totally making my mouth water! Oh and I'm wearing OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry on my toenails. It seems very Christmasy to me!

  5. Love the muffin, love the dress (LE is such a fav), love the hotcakes. So much love.
    Heidi xo

  6. Great dress. You look so lovely and bright in it. Perfect for summer!