Thursday, March 22, 2012


Short of anything particularly exciting or momentous to share, I am going to share some random shots from my week thus far - on reflection, I have been slightly surrounded by flowers this week! Gotta love that...

Morning cuddles with Jasper - it is truly hilarious how, when V is away, Jasper sleeps on his side of the bed (sometimes on the pillow LOL) Man of the house or what?

I poached up a couple of quinces with vanilla beans at the weekend - they have been very nommy on my morning muesli


More hydrangeas...

Still more hydrangeas! Sensing a theme? I love that all these three bunches of flowers are in such different shades - apparently its because of the PH of the soil?

V brought me flowers last weekend! The man who has been away for work for 3 weeks is well-advised to do so...

Nawwww itty-bitty rosebuds...

Loving the Easter-fication of the shops! I am not one to complain about hot cross buns and chocolate eggs being available early - I just eat them!

Have you all discovered Zambrero yet? Ummm, hello mexican deliciousness!

Hope the week has been good to you all!


  1. Lol, Jasper is so cute! Gotta love kitties with their own little quirks and personalities.

  2. ok, jasper is the depiction of cuteness. my cat used to sleep on my pillow after i left for work next to my boyfriend too!

  3. I love hydrangeas! I planted some a few months back, my Nan told me to plant something that would rust with them to change the colour of the flower if I wanted to, how cool is that!
    Loving hot cross buns being available early too :)

  4. Awww, Jasper is just too gorgeous. He makes me want a cat!

    Lucky you with all those flowers! The hydrangeas are stunning.

  5. Yes I just recently found Zambrero! So yummy!

    Good Idea for the quinces, I purchased 2kgs of them intending to make jam but now I've lost the motivation I think I'll just poach them instead.

  6. I love Zambrero not just because the food is delicious but because Dr Sam Prince who founded it is AMAZING. He is from Canberra (young Canberran of the year), started it while at medical school, he works at Canberra Hospital now. He donates huge amounts of the profits to all sorts of worthy things, check out to read about the plate4plate program. It makes me even happier to eat the delicious Mexican food.

  7. zambrero is so good - so much better than mad mex. eww.

    my nanna grows hydrangeas. hers are blue! it definitely has something to do with the soil.
    the flowers will last a really long time if you bash the heck out of the stems. sounds mean.

  8. oh the hydrangeas are so pretty

    oh my you must not have kids then - we love that the hot cross buns being out early as well - but not so much the chocolate as its the first thing my kids see...

    he's such a cute kitty cat

  9. Oh I wonder if they'll have quinces at the markets, I'll look out for them :) I'm always looking for yummy muesli/porridge toppings! Mexican food look scrumptious, so comforting! x

  10. Love Jasper, he sits just like my puppy does! The lilac flowers are so gorgeous :) I just arrived home from Austin for SXSW and the tex mex there is unbelievable, that kind of food is just not available in Brisbane :(

  11. I am so excited about quinces! I'm yet to have my first for the season. Love all the flowers :) You're such flower/pretty/household loveliness inspiration.
    Heidi xo

  12. Jasper is a cutie!

    I'm going to apologise in advance in case you already know this, but lots of people don't so I'll say it anyway - cats are super sensitive to lilies, to a potentially lethal extent. They are my fave flowers, so I was very sad when I found this out!

  13. hello! Just wondering what type of cat Jasper is? Thank you!