Saturday, April 7, 2012

happy easter...

And happy 4-day long weekend! It has been so, so lovely to have V home all this time - we have had such a wonderful break so far (trying not to think too much about him leaving for Newcastle again on Tuesday!)

The long weekend has been pretty low-key and relaxing for us - and has involved lots of yoga for me, and lots of surfing for V. And a shedload of baking which is always fun!

This is a surprisingly arduous task - made all the more difficult by the husband constantly sneaking up and nabbing the peeled eggs, dammit!

Mini caramel egg muffins! Nom!

Yes, I did bake enough for a small army, what of it?

Lemon-thyme salmon on Friday night...

And the most sinful Easter hot cross bun pudding evah! Seriously, this about killed us - so, so good but so rich! Exercise extreme caution with this one - I recommend making this one for a crowd, not just for two...

Saturday, we kicked back to childhood and headed for the Easter show

I've always loved the CWA kitchen - the scone count was looking promising only two days in!

Mmmmm best scones in the world

I was chuffed when V bought me the CWA cookbook! It is a complete gem, I especially love the photos and anecdotes. Cannot wait to get baking!

I had to take a photo of this poodle because, I mean, really - the little fluffy bits over its bum just about had me in stitches

Even after a whole morning of grazing our way around the food hall, we still found room for a cappuccino and freckle cookie at lee&me cafe in the afternoon...

A cheese plate is a perfectly balanced dinner, right? I mean look, it has apple and pear, and, umm, 4 types of cheese! Perfect!

The Easter bunny came to call in our house this morning...

I am a sucker for a fuzzy chicken...

We had my family over for breakfast...

Yes, I served chocolate easter egg muffins for breakfast! If you can't eat chocolate for breakfast at Easter, when can you?

Taking the Lindt theme to a whole other level...

Currently relaxing with a pot of tea - the perfect antidote to lots of chocolate!

Hope you are all having a wonderful long weekend


  1. Hello! I'm glad I found your blog through Blithely Unaware today! It's funny I have the same photos of the poodle, I went to Sydney Royal Easter show yesterday! The salmon and asparagus looks great btw!

  2. Those muffins look amazing! Excellent use of easter eggs :)

  3. loveeee T2's french earl grey!
    that lemon thyme salmon sounds delish!

    happy easter cate!!

  4. Brilliant muffin idea Cate! Happy Easter! Looks like you've had a wonderful weekend so far xxx

  5. Happy Easter Monday! Love those muffins. The hot cross buns even look too much - don't know how you did it! Ha!

  6. What a gorgeous load of food you've been making this holiday! massive food envy!

    I've awarded you the Versatile blogger award. If you have received it before however, just answer my tag questions. You'll see:

  7. happy easter cate! looks like you had a fun and delicious weekend! x

  8. I still think the Gold Creek French Earl Grey blend is better than the T2 one! I'll have to send you some one day :D

    BTW, next time you come up, I MUST take you shopping to Trade Secret, ZOMG, so many brand bargains!!! We ducked in quickly today and I was in heaven. Luckily I had no moneycoins to spend and thus was limited to fondling everything lovingly ;) but the baragins there are utterly ridiculous on the top brands. B wanted a Victorinox jacket, orginally $400+, now $50 !!! But I said no. Sorry, I'm rambling. We'll go there next time! Remind me.

    Luff yoo xx

  9. Those muffins look insaaaaaaaaaaane! Looks like a lovely weekend!

  10. Looking good darling! would you like to follow each other?:X

  11. muffin recipe please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Far too much fabulousness in this post to handle. What a great time you've had with your man. Even if he stole your eggs while you were baking. Sounds like bliss :) Complete with a fuzzy chicken.
    Heidi xo