Wednesday, April 11, 2012

it's wednesday already?

Whooooa this Easter long weekend business has totally thrown me out! To follow - some snaps of the week so far...

In exciting news, the little semi-tame cat that my parents have been feeding had kittens recently*, and mumma-cat brought them up to the house at the weekend (one by one, in her mouth) - honestly, the cuteness, I just about died

Nawwwww how adorable! I seriously want to adopt all 4 of them - but I am concerned that 6 cats would be bordering on crazy cat lady status - thoughts?

V and I kicked off Monday morning with brekky at lee&me...

Delish bircher muesli!

Still loving this Sussan oversized knit sick! Seriously cuddle-tastic

The hydrangea obsession continues - tres sad that the season is drawing to a close!

I gave my new CWA cookbook a whirl on Monday afternoon

Fan-bloody-tastic choc chip cookie recipe alert!


Roast lamb, lemon roast potatoes and minted broad beans for dinner

I asked Jasper whether I could bring home one of the kittens - his displeasure was palpable to say the least

I am in luuuurve with my new Oroton handbag, but it is not the friend of a freshly-manicured hand! Such a narrow opening, I bodgied up my nails twice today on the zipper *sadface*

Had lunch at etch today with the Judge and some other past associates - on approach, from across the street, I witnessed a huge group of people on the front steps of the intercontinental. My thoughts were that either a) the hotel has been evacuated or b) there is some sort of protest going on. On closer approach, they were all young girls - some sort of militant, female teenage protest maybe?

Some kind passerby took pity on me and my bemused look, and informed me there was a "boyband" in the lobby of the hotel. I believe they are called New Directions? Anyways, thank the lord I didn't have to fight my way through the melee to get to my delicious snapper lunch

This lemon parfait was fantastic, the coconut flesh and pineapple was particularly tasty!

Super-excitement on finding half-prize delicious camembert! Win!

Roast veges, quinoa and goats cheese for din-dins...

It is definitely hot water bottle weather! I can hear my gorgeous friend A snickering all the way from Canberra - "You think that's cold Cate? Try 1°C of an evening!" I hear you A, and I shiver in sympathy!

It is also hot cocoa weather - I am a weirdo and prefer mine sans sugar. Mmmmm

Hope the week has been good to you all! Hurrah that the weekend is nigh!

* the local cat rescue peeps are savvy to the sich with the kittens and will be called out in the very near future to collect said kittens for adoption - mumma-cat is to be desexed and returned to my parents. Just in case any mad animal activists read my post and think we be crazy cat-hoarding hippies!


  1. Those kittens are SO SO SO adorable!!!!
    Lovingggggg hot choccys and hot water bottles!

    Also - the intercontinental hotel is where that band one direction are staying I think? That would explain the teenage girls - seriously I've never even seen such madness over a boy band! Had never heard of them until they arrived here and suddenly every teenage girl in sydney was in the city buying their merch!

  2. I want one of those kittens...NOWWWWWW!! So adorbale

    I agree, Having a day off during the week always throws me!

  3. oh boy. one direction is the band and they are playing next week across the road from my apartment and i suspect staying in the hotel on the same block. the scenes on the tv in sydney/melbourne have me terrified! i'm glad you escaped unharmed.

    do you share your username on instagram? i'd love to follow you if you do :)

  4. I agree- more kitties! My two cats would say a flat out no too:)

  5. Gotta love a good old reduced for quick sale!

    Jasper's face at jention of getting a kitten - hilarious! (and so cute!)

  6. You can never have enough kittens! i love your photos - the choc chip cookie dough and that lemon parfait are making me drool...

  7. Reduced for sale cheese is always the best - not only is it cheap but it is always at the peak of ripeness meaning it has to all be eaten. Gah I love cheese.

    That lunch look delicious!

  8. squeeeeee the cuteness, it kills me! haha at the look on jaspers face, my cat would probably kill any kitten I brought home.

  9. You crack me up, woman <3

    Dada pants in the mail this morning! Let me know when you get them, I can't WAIT to see them on you (hint hint, subtle, eh?). They are gorgeous pants and I was just besotted with them. I wish they fit!

    Re. the cheese, I got a small portion of King Island Triple Cream Brie last week at half price - having had it before, I know it is on the of the nicest cheeses I have EVER tasted - but alas, it was no good! We ate it on its use-by, but it had that awful hair-dye flavour that Brie gets when it's gone south for the winter. Like... urine, or something. URGH. I paid $6 for it at half price, so I was not impressed.

    Anyway - luffs you!

  10. Of course you're a crazy cat-hparding hippy, cate! no really, SO cute. adorable. "cuddle-tastic" = fantastic jumper description :) & lemon roast potatoes? rocking my world. Love your blog. Just love it.
    Heidi xo

  11. That kitten is adorable! I now really want choc chip biscuits.


  12. Pls share the CWA chocolate chip recipe. I have a burning desire for these cookies.

    Cats are divine. I can't believe I missed this post!

    K xx

  13. I don't see anyone else asking this so I hope I haven't missed something obvious but WHERE did you get that delightful hot water bottle cover? I have an owl obsession and would love to know where to get a similar one.

    Elle xxx

  14. you're making me fat with all your delicious food!! waaaaah xxx