Tuesday, April 17, 2012

having a nashville moment...

Do you ever get totally obsessional about an instagram filter for weeks at a time? Yeah, starting to notice my snaps have all been looking strangely uniform the past week...

The weekend involved sushi and bento boxes for lunch

Have you all discovered Kimura lemonade? Seriously the bomb!

A nice walk along the beachfront, perfection!

We are all very excited over the arrival of my sister's little girl two weeks ago - welcome Pania Rose!

Easter chookens still abound at my house...

The kittehs say, oh hai!

I made some crabapple jelly, 'tis very nice!

And a batch of choc-peppermint chocolate chip cookies - these did not last long

Hello, beautiful...

Yummiest dinner evah! Grilled mushrooms steaks with quinoa and asparagus

Hope everyone is having a good week thus far!


  1. Ooh where are the flats from? I have been after a similar pair but haven't found anything I like yet

  2. Heya hun, they're from Tony Bianco (where I get 90% of my shoes LOL) x

  3. Is the Kimura lemonade something where you twist it or something? I remember getting that or something similar, just can't remember why it was so cool! Love your mushroom steaks, I may just copy that idea :) x

  4. Yes Hannah, its got this marble thingo in the top which they pop in, its so cool! Not as sweet as regular lemonade x

  5. I totally get obsessed with certain instagram filters - I also edit mine in other apps and then import to instagram too, haha! The shoes are super cute and those mint choc chip cookies look delish!

  6. Oh i jadore the shoes! SO cute must have them <3

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  8. Those cookies look delicious, would love the recipe!

  9. Love the pram! What type is it?

  10. Big congratulations on being an Auntie! And really love those flats and your foodie pics as always. I always come away from your blog hungry!

  11. Pania Rose - gorgeous! congratulations! Those cookies sound divine...
    Heidi xo

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