Sunday, June 24, 2012

hey girl, its your birthday...

Last Sunday was my 30th birthday, yew! I definitely had an amazing birthday, involving a full-on weekend birthday bonanza!

V took me out for brekky at lee&me on the Saturday morning...

And thoroughly spoilt me with a huge bunch of roses and peonies, my favourite! (apparently the peonies came all the way from Holland)

And then further spoilt me with an amazing 7-course degustation (with matched wines!) at Caveau restaurant. Sadly I failed to take photos of our food, largely thanks to a combination of said wines, plus semi-exhaustion from having moved house (more on that to come!)

On Sunday, we had a wonderful birthday party at my parents' house with family and some close friends - yes, there were balloons and streamers and party poppers! And lots of french champagne. Perfection!

I was thoroughly spoilt in the presents department...

Gorgeous gift from my amazing parents (there was clearly some collusion going on as V gave me the matching necklace!)

Love this woodwick candle from my mother-in-law!

Yes, the Moet had been flowing for several hours at this stage - my brother is far more attractive in real life than this photo would have you believe (and yes, my mouth really is that big!)

Goooorgeous Peter Alexander cashmere and silk robe courtesy of my nana...

My new favourite coffee mug from some gorgeous friends (to wit - can hold and entire coffee pot! winner!)

My brother gave me this amazing Wedgewood photo frame, and my workmates gifted me a stack of beautiful Donna Hay for Royal Dalton china goodies... 

Which I christened with a batch of Donna Hay vanilla cupcakes - seemed appropriate!

So far 30 seems like a fun age - will keep you posted!


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you celebrated in style!

    Glad to hear 30 is a fun age too! x

  2. Happy birthday! Did you end up finishing everything on your list?

  3. Happy Birthday!! Beaut gifts, so lucky! Xx

  4. Happy Birthday lady it looks like you had an amazing day. Love the Moet-happy photo of you and your brother.


  5. Happy birthday! =) Sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous day!!

  6. Happy birthday, you gorgeous girl!

  7. What a wonderful birthday, and all those presents! Hope you had a really fantastic day.

  8. Happy birthday Cate! 30 is indeed a wonderful age, enjoy!

  9. Happy Birthday Cate!! Sounds like such an amazing day!! Gorgeous gifts, you truly were spoiled!

    Love the photo of you and your brother too!


  10. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had the most wonderful day xx

  11. nawww so much love! What a beautiful day. Your peonies are perfection. Happy birthday, lovely. Side note, your fringe and hair colour are divine.
    Heidi xo

  12. Happy birthday Cate! Sounds like you were (rightfully) spoiled!