Sunday, June 24, 2012

30 before 30 - the wrap-up...

A little over 12 months ago, I made a List. A List of things I would like to achieve before I turned 30. Given that happy event took place a little over week ago, I thought I would look back at the past 12 months and see how I have gone...

This was surprisingly easy! Thanks to some lovely readers who shared their recipes, I have been making scones regularly ever since. Yum!

2. Finish knitting my scarf
Sadly, my gorgeous grey Merino wool scarf is still half-finished, attached to my knitting needles. I will keep cracking on with that!

3. Learn to crochet 
I am well on the way to being a crochet Queen! Again, easier than I thought it would be

4. Join a book club
Still have not achieved this one, much to my chagrin. Determined to find one, much to V's amooosement

5. Learn to braid my own hair 
Doneski! Easy, thanks to youtube tutorials

6. Start a herb garden 
We had a nice little herb garden/planters going at our previous place, and I should have them up and running again soon at our new place 

7. Learn to do the cryptic crossword
Erm still going with this one - harder than I thought!

8. Incorporate yoga practice into my daily life 
My 15-minutes or so of yoga each morning when I first wake up is one of the highlights of my day

9. Go whale-watching
Again, not done

10. Overcome my needlephobia 
I am absolutely thrilled with how well I have done with this one. Whilst the fear is not entirely gone, and I will never enjoy needles, I feel like this is well under control now, and manageable

11. Run in the Australia Day Aquathon
Again, not done! Sorry Rob!

I am so thrilled to have taken the plunge and started ballet classes, and even better, dancing in the end-of-year concert! So fun, and the best exercise I have ever done, hands-down!

13. Sew a quilt
Erm, will get on this, maybe

14. Start taking film photos again 
This is in the very, very early stages yet, and I have no idea how to share the pics on here - but I have really been enjoying playing around with my Pentax MZ-50 once more

15. Get our framed wedding photo enlargements 
Done, thank goodness! Given that we are fast approaching our 4th wedding anniversary, it had honestly just become embarassing!

Have not been doing this weekly, but every now and again its great!

17. Cook a souffle
Yet to give this a shot, but its on my culinary to-do list!

18. Become a morning person 
The morning yoga sessions are definitely helping with this one

19. Stop driving my car so often - walk and bike more 
Moving into a new area with cafes, groceries, beach etc very close is helping with this one!

20. Make my own pasta
Again, its on the to-do list!

21. Watch every Audrey Hepburn movie ever made 
This one was so easy I feel like it was a cheat

22. Hit up the local Op Shops 
Have to take some pics of some of my finds!

23. Go caffeine-free for an entire month
Honestly, I don't know if I will ever give this a shot - overly ambitious much?

24. Read the entire Harry Potter series from start to finish 
Again, too easy

25. Bite the bullet and have my gremlin-infested iPhone sent off for repair 
Uber-embarrassing - turns out all I needed to do was synch my phone with my laptop for some iTunes updates. Major oops. But fixed!

26. Have a night at the Royal Australian ballet
This is hopefully on the cards for the latter half of the year

27. Watch the sun rise 
See number 18 - V being such an early riser now due to work has also helped here!

28. Research my family tree
Something still very much on my list

29. Do my Senior First Aid 
This was kind of an essential

30. Get my fortune told
As fun as this would be, I've been unable to bring myself to waste even a few dollars on something I know is complete bollocks!

Well that was the lead up to 30, done and dusted! A good 12 months, looking back


  1. Great list and you achieved quite a bit! What sort of Yoga do you do in the morning? Is it from the internet?

  2. I love that you did a review of these! It's such a great idea and sounds like you've had a great year!

    you should definitely go and get your fortune told, it's quite fun! I've done it a few times and I'm a definite skeptic and don't believe anything they say, but it's interesting for a bit of perspective!

    happy birthday lovely <3 xx

  3. What a fantastic list, and look how much you achieved! Congrats on getting the needle-phobia under control.. It's reassuring to know that it can be done.

  4. YEAH, a wrap-up! Pretty bloody fab effort I think, lovely. High-five! xxxx

  5. I want to do a 28 before 28 (six months away) so this is really inspiring. I think you did really well with it! Happy Birthday :) x

  6. brilliant work!! v impressive. yeah don't worry about #23 ;) ... #28 sounds super interesting to me too, my nana is all over that. I still need to make scones!!!
    Heidi xo

  7. I've just picked up crochet recently too and LOVE IT!

    Your list closely resembles the mental list I have of things that I would love to achieve.

    With film photography you can save some money by buying a film scanner. That way you can just get the film processed and then scan and select them yourself rather than having them all printed. I miss having access to the uni photography labs where I could process my own film and then make my own prints on the enlargers but a scanner is much easier to manage at home.