Monday, June 25, 2012

the big move...

So we moved house last week, into a brand, spanking-new security apartment. Yay! We were sad to leave our villa, but what with the constant open houses (place on the market), plus the security concerns we were having, with numerous break-ins in our street, we jumped at the opportunity to move into this gorgeous new apartment. There are only 4 units on each floor, and with only 4 floors in the block, its a nice, cosy sort of environment. Plus, V is very happy that I am in a secure apartment, and up on a top floor, when he is away for weeks at a time for work.

While I absolutely loathe moving with a passion, its quite fun to move into a new place and get to re-arrange all your things and set up house in a lovely new space! I thought I would share some photos of the new home...

V and Jade enjoying the living room...

Master bedroom - absolutely massive, as our sleigh bed and accompanying side tables etc fit in with ease!

Hello, walk-in-wardrobe - I can officially die happy

Love my new kitchen! Very fancy and nice to cook in

More birthday peonies - my family know me so well...

Living room and my big bookshelf - one of many!

Jasper approves!

To add to the perfection, there is a cafe at the front of the block, which make quite good coffees - anticipate spending far too much time (and money) here in the coming months!

Hope the week has been treating you all well!


  1. You're so good!! The place looks amazing.
    I moved about 2 months ago and we're still trying to set our place up. I've been on the hunt for a bookshelf just like that for a while now - I've already filled my Big Ikea Billy one up.

  2. New place looks nice! I'm moving over the course of the next weeks, dreading all the packing up I'll have to do, but excited to move somewhere new!

  3. Yay!
    It sounds so much safer and you need that when V is out of town.
    Moving is super, super draining argh!
    It looks like you've done pretty well and settled in beautifully, peonies and all!


  4. The apartment looks amazing. I have always wanted a sleigh bed and a walk in wardrobe!


  5. LOVE the look of the kitchen!! Glad you're all settled...and have delicious coffee nearby ;)
    Heidi xo