Saturday, July 14, 2012


Wow, two blog posts in one day! Its like feast to famine today, dear readers

Picked up a bunch of sweet little tea roses from the florist...


And this adorable little posy was only $10, bargain!

My lovely readers have been giving me some great ideas for V's care package! On their recommendation, I baked a batch of choc-chip biscuits this afternoon from my trusty CWA cookbook (they turned out surprisingly huge!) Also intend on sending some surfing magazines, a couple of books and some photos. Keep the ideas rolling in!

Niece P is 3.5 months old - its not too early for me to be thinking of her first birthday cake, right? Right??

I hope you are all watching Julie Andrews singing her little heart out in The Sound of Music tonight! Classic


  1. Aw the choc chips are a great idea! How sweet :) You always inspire me to buy fresh flowers, the versatility! I forget to spread the bunch out between various vases- nice idea :) x

  2. Those tea roses are beautiful. I think it's never too early to start planning parties, personally x