Friday, July 13, 2012

week in photos...

How has the week been treating you all? Nothing particularly exciting to report here - my modem has arrived, which is super exciting, but now I have the fun and games of setting the darn thing up! *le sigh* Wish me luck!

The weather has been fairly freezy again this week - lots of layers required, especially to after-work yoga classes!

The cats are extra cuddly during winter - whenever I come home lately I spring them snuggling each other on the couch

New uggs, yew! Locally made at the Clobber Leather factory - nothing better than being able to rock up and pick the colour and style, and have a made-to-measure pair ready for you in 3 days!

Headed into the weekly produce markets yesterday morning early, for coffee and some food shopping fun with my lovely Mum. 'Twas 7am and the sky stilled looked like this!

Casual Friday outfit shot!

 Lover silk dress
 Tony Bianco suede boots
 Forever New wool caped coat
 Tiffany & Co sterling silver toggle bracelet
 Oroton metropolis grip tote

Coffee and cake this morning at Pod espresso, with the fam - niece P was intrigued with the salted caramel macaron. Give it a few months P, you're too little!

Heading out to grab some fresh flowers, then will be baking up a storm - V has been in Tamworth for the past 3 weeks, and will be there for possibly another month! So I am sending him a care package. Any brilliant ideas on what else I can send him?

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!


  1. Oh you poor thing :( That's such a long time to be apart. I'm sure a care package will cheer him up to no end.

    I find that things like melting moments, chocolate chip cookies, anzacs and assorted fudges both post and keep really well... which is important when only one person is devouring them :)

  2. How are your cats so cuddly!? My two certainly don't love each other... :( You must miss your man. I think the care package is a lovely idea. Maybe a little video of you and the cats to remind him of home? You could save it to a disc or USB. Something with your perfume on it? Haha. I'm no romantic, sorry! X

  3. a care package is a lovely idea! maybe a mixed CD of songs you both love?

  4. I don't know how you do it! That must be really hard. My husband has to do a very small amount of traveling for work. But they are about one week bursts at a time. I just nearly die. I know it sounds pathetic. But it is incredibly hard.