Saturday, August 25, 2012

the week in photos...

The week really has flown by! Having V at home makes the days so much more pleasant

Have been continuing the professional-dressing theme at work this week...

I came home from work this week to find that V had purchased a heap of flowers - and then put them all in vases for me, so I could decorate the house however I wanted. I may have cried a tiny bit, its one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me


Previously was never a fan of the Manhattan Glasshouse candle, but I have been in love with it lately!

Had an amazing meal out at Lorenzo's this week, and of course this was the only photo I took, gah! The chef's choice is totally amazeballs people, highly recommend!

Breakfast at lee&me cafe, perfect start to the weekend

The water was just gorgeous, although V shed a few internal tears over the extreme lack of swell ("its like a fucking lake" may have been his exact words)

OMG French Bulldog puppy! FRENCH BULLDOG PUUUUUPPPYYYYY!!! Saw him from a distance and squealed like an idiot, and he responded by squealing and running at me. I about picked him up under my arm and ran off with him

Did a bit of shopping at the new Country Road store - essential basics

I get overly excited when Lula magazine comes out

Jade thinks that Jasper's butt is the comfiest pillow evah!

Happy weekend to you all!


  1. Replies
    1. I was totally blown away it was such a lovely gesture x

  2. How lovely of V to buy you all those flowers, they are gorgeous!

    Whenever I go out to eat I always end up with photos of the drinks and menu and none of the food, because I always get too excited about eating it and forget to take photos, haha.

    1. LOL I am the same, hard to reign in the hunger long enough to snap some pics! x

  3. your new abode looks so nice!
    i love the shirt in th top pic!
    gah. long distance for 7 weeks :O:O
    done that!

    1. Thanks hun, loving the new place so much :) x

  4. Hi cate! My weekend looked almost identical to yours, swapping lorenzo's for Thai (no where near as yummy I'm sure) and my British bulldog for the Frenchie!

    Me, hubby and baby-cake even had a sunbake on the rocks at the beach!

    Just a quick Q's..Has country road opened up in shellharbour or the mall?? I need to spend some money on this poor misused post-baby body!

    Glad V is back, seven weeks is much too long to be apart.

    Cake xx

    1. Nawww I'm so happy for you guys :) Congrats on wee Babycakes. Yesss Country Road has come to Shellharbour it's soooo amazing! x

  5. Those flowers that v bought and arranged are so lovely. And the blue of the beach is amazing.