Friday, December 21, 2012

get yer feathers on...

Last Saturday, I had the extreme pleasure and privilege of participating in a Swan Lake masterclass with the Australian Ballet! My friend J and I headed to Sydney for the evening, and had the time of our lives, learning some choice pieces of choreography with some Cygnettes and Colin Peasley OAM (on the Opera house stage no less!)

Some necessary prep...


No photos allowed in class, but afterwards we viewed some costumes and and and.... we were allowed to put on Odette's crown!

Colin Freaking Peasley!

Celebratory drinks afterwards (incidentally, and to my great amusement, I got ID'd buying this)

The kittehs were not impressed by my swan-like shennanigans, but did watch me rather bemusedly continuing to dance after I arrived home



  1. I love the ballet and secretly wish I could have been a ballerina too. Aside from being so graceful it looks like a lot of fun.

  2. oh!! How special. Magic, pure magic. Jealous :)
    Heidi xo