Sunday, December 9, 2012

hold me closer, tiny dancer...

Friday evening saw my workmates and I getting ourselves costumed up beyond recognition for our Christmas party. The theme was, "When I grow up, I want to be...." which was unbelievably fun! I legitimately wanted to be a ballerina when I was about 6, so this was a bit of a no-brainer for me. Some of the funnier outfits included Spiderman, a butcher, Edward Scissorhands and a housewife (complete with oven mitt and basket of homemade cupcakes)

The Wollongong team stayed overnight in the city, and got ready at our hotel beforehand...

Outfit prep...

'Twas extremely exciting to do my hair up with some flowers from Bloch - my inner six-year-old may have squeed a bit heh

Ugh excuse world's messiest fifth position - forgot my feet!
Wearing Bloch leotard, tights and leather slippers, and Collette Dinnigan/Australia Ballet for Target tulle skirt

Mmmmm ballerina cocktails (this was supposed to be an Appletini, but we all had a sip and could only identify gin and bourboun - think maybe the barkeep had been indulging in a few himself!)

A wonderfully long night at the Arthouse Hotel ensued - think of me, walking the 4 blocks from our hotel, dressed as said tiny dancer. Walking home again at half-past-midnight was somewhat easier!

Saturday, I went and caught Skyfall with V and my brother - we grabbed a quick bite at the new local eatery, Dagwoods, first. These mini lobster rolls were insaaaanely good!

Weeny panko chicken and daikon sliders pretty damn good too! Nom!

Today, my sister and I headed into Paddington for a day of shopping and girly time - being her first day away sans little P, it was somewhat of an event!

Possibly one of the best breakfasts I have ever enjoyed - pikelets, rosewater poached apples and delish lemon curd *drools*

Looooong-distance outfit shot in sass&bide

Spoils of the day, silk kaftan - total bargain, scored from the Camilla warehouse sale!

Gooorgeous hydrangeas (my favourite!) from my lovely mother's garden - thanks mum!

How was the weekend for you all? Did anyone have a work Christmas party to attend? Any funny costume stories? Better yet, any tiny dancers spotted pirouetting somewhat haphazardly around Sydney CBD?


  1. Great outfit!
    Had our Syd one Fri night so got to attend that!
    Cocktail function so wore dress I bought for our E party a few years back.
    They normally have teamed parties but not this year.
    I'm going to suggest the 'when I grow up theme for another time!

  2. Great outfit/costume! The hydrangeas look gorgeous x

  3. that kaftan is gorgeous! love a good bargain. sounds like such a lovely weekend! x

  4. Loved this, I'm sure some passerbys got a laugh

  5. I wants to see drunk ballerina pics - txt me photos, mmmmkay, plzthxbai? :D

  6. The pikelets look delicious! It sounds like the work party was fun.


  7. what a fun party! you looked ballerina perfection :) Love your teacup & saucer.
    Heidi xo

  8. love your ballerina outfit, where did you get it?

    btw, you look beautiful in it!, like a pink flower in a flowerless field