Tuesday, May 12, 2015

mothers day and other ramblings...

My second Mother's Day was so lovely. My parents are in Japan so I had to defer celebrating my own mum sadly, for the first time ever that I can recall.

Kicked off with the whole family in bed - cuddles and a cup of tea for me (two actually, E brought me one from her tin tea set, bless!)

Breakfast out at Dagwoods, pancake perfection! Amazed we snagged a table as apparently the entire rest of the world but us had thought to book ahead oops. All up, a really lovely morning with my two favourite people.

Hasn't it just been the best soup weather lately? Chicken and vegetable is a winner with the kiddo (roast pumpkin and garlic was also, mmm almost had to fight me for that one haha)

Behold, the world's sexiest, flashiest second-hand leather couch! (for all the diehard couch fanatics hahahhahaha) And the reason we will NOT be investing in any leather furnishings in our new place. 

It's so exciting to think about our own place being almost finished. We are being very sensible; we have most of the furniture items we would need, and most in good condition, but we will be picking out a new dining table/chairs and couch. Sadly all furniture choices are dictated by the rigours of kiddo and cats :-/ Such is life, I would rather them and boring furniture than the other way around! Any recommendations for good places to shop?

How spectacular is the sky right now? Definitely about to see one heck of a storm (yay!) Better rush and get the washing off the line (not so yay).

Here's to bunkering down to weather the cold. Soup?


  1. I recommend Super Amart. You have to look hard but we got a beautiful dining table and chairs for less than half what we were going to pay for anything else we liked. Let me know if you find a couch solution ... We had leather and recently replaced it with fabric - it's not holding up nearly as well between the dog and cat (and baby). Maybe something with a slipcover? But a spare when you purchase so that when it inevitably gets trashed by the cats and kiddo you can smarten it up again without having to buy a new couch? We're going with leather again when we move ...

    1. Oh awesome thanks for the rec Hun! We will definitely check out Super Amart. It's such a hard call with furniture once you have kids :-/
      A slip cover might be a good idea for us xx